I-M-R is the continuation of the musical idea of IN MY ROSARY, a project which was officially formed in 1992 and established itself as a constant within the worldwide darkwave / alternative scene shortly after its first CD release "Those Silent Years" (1993). In the beginning often labelled as "Dark Folk pioneer" - mainly because singer and songwriter Ralf Jesek also used acoustic guitars in his productions -, later on the press used the neologism "DarkWaveFolkPop" to describe this very unique mix of dark and new wave, electro, folk and pop elements.


After 19 years and 10 critically acclaimed albums, the time had come to turn over a new leaf. So far Ralf had recorded all productions on his own, but now he invited his longtime live guest musicians Martin von Arndt, Holger Diener and Hansi Huenig to join him also in the studio and to develop the artistic idea together with him in the future.
On the 15th of October 2011 this new constallation was officially born under the name I-M-R.


voice, instruments

Besides IN MY ROSARY Ralf was/is also singer and songwriter of the WavePop band DERRIERE LE MIROIR, which released five CDs between 1993 and 1997 and reunited at the end of 2016 with the album "In Flux". In 1996 he and Martin were parts of the project GRIFFIN'S FALL that produced the album "A Medicine For Melancholy" (1997). In 2007 he also released the CD "Perfect Vacation" under the moniker MARY'S COMIC and revived in 2016 together with Kai Kampmann (DERRIERE LE MIROIR) an old project from their schooldays, T-HE, for two digital EPs. Moreover he worked together e.g. with the Russian darkwave band STILLIFE or the British musician PAUL ROLAND.

saxophone, keyboards, bvocals

Martin is not only a successful author, he is also singer and founder member of the legendary Avantgarde/Goth/Industrial band PRINTED AT BISMARCK'S DEATH (1983 - today). Besides this he cooperated with bands like DAS ICH or THE TORS OF DARTMOOR. After he and Ralf worked together at the project GRIFFIN'S FALL in 1996, he also played the very first IN MY ROSARY show in Utrecht/NL (1997) together with Ralf and supported him as steady guest musician since then.


Holger is singer and guitarist with the acoustic duo LAST TRAIN and has been a steady guest musician on IN MY ROSARY shows since 2001.


Hansi has been a steady guest musician with IN MY ROSARY since 2002.